understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want you to realize that you, as Focus of this Great Light which beats your Heart, can do more than your fondest imagination could possibly conceive today through your infinite Decrees sent forth in the mental and feeling world of mankind.

Now then understand, Gentlemen, I do not wonder that mankind does not want to come together if there is inharmony; therefore, I say to your Blessed Leader of the Minute Men, the important thing in your Group Activities of Minute men is to so call the Powers of the “Presence” forth with such power that absolute Harmony reigns in your midst!

Then as you issue these Mighty Decrees in a body, the volume of It, as It goes forth, is just like the Power that breaks down a great dam holding back a great body of water.

At first you do not see any perceptible result; but as your wedge goes into that and it begins to widen, as this momentum gains it presses forth and the great achievement is attained. It has to be so. The Messengers have proven that in this Work beyond a question, for any human being who cares to see it.

Therefore, it is not that you do not have some example before you which is proof of the Law.

Since you have and it is unquestionable, then for all mankind who have courage to begin their Application and build it up, their own momentum in their Call to the “Presence” sweeps everything of limitation and discord from their pathway. It will do it, and there is not anything to prevent it as soon as you maintain Harmony in your feelings. That is what has caused your qualification in the past to bring you into limitation and distress of every kind.

You, as the masculine element in the creation of mankind, by your very nature are positive; therefore in this embodiment, having a masculine body, you are in a position to call forth that positive force which repels every human quality that would disturb or limit you.

Unless you do that, you will find yourself subject to the conditions wherever you move; and you will find yourselves unable to cope with them as you have in the past.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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