understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Notice the difference. Now notice this, Gentlemen, because it is imperative: When you have allowed this Energy to flow forth, it is like a fan going in all directions through the power of your radiation, or its radiation through you. Then notice the difference in your Acknowledgment of your “Presence of all Life”.

You have your power of concentration and attention, which is your Life. If you hold your attention upon a given objective for its accomplishment, and hold it there unwaveringly, the Power of Life is compelled to flow directly into that.

If you will hold that concentration and attention absolutely unyieldingly into that objective, there is nothing in creation that can prevent its achievement. Not one thing, Gentlemen.

If you want to succeed in your business or whatever your attention is upon, train yourself to hold your attention upon the goal and compel the Life to flow into that. By Harmony in your feelings, it will accomplish amazing things.

Once you have broken through the human shell and find one small achievement after another, then the strength and courage arise in you, and you will say, “‘I AM’ the Victory of Life!”

Then as you continue to hold that concentration or attention where the direction of Life flows into that without wavering – just the same as when you take a sunglass and move it around, nothing happens, but you see the light move; if you hold it still, that power of light from the Sun will start a fire.

Just exactly as the power of your attention is held on the concentration, that becomes the Fire of Life that sets ablaze the energy for its perfect achievement.

That is why mankind have not achieved, because they allow their attention to be taken here or there, except once in a while they come back to that goal, but only for a short time. Again the attention wavers here, there, everywhere, instead of being held steady. And why?

Because the human accumulation of mankind does not want mankind to hold concentration long enough to let them find out they are the master of that energy and Life that flow through, by the power of their concentration.

That, Gentlemen, is the Secret of Life!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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