understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Throughout the years and during Washington’s time, My Determination was very great in giving that Assistance when mankind was at the point of perishing. Then came that success after that great struggle for Freedom, and the Light bursting forth through the Hearts of mankind!

Now today when it is the Final Victory of all ages, then, Gentlemen, may I not have your cooperation to the fullest extent of your Call to your “Mighty I AM Presence”, that I may render My Humble Assistance to the Victory of the Light?

It could not be achieved without Our Assistance because We alone know the forces that are acting; We alone know how to release the Power, the Energy of Life at your Call, because you cannot yet release It in Its Fullness except in a few instances, and perhaps under an emergency.

But if you will give Me your attention, and the Ascended Masters – first to your “Presence”, then to Us – then will We be able by the release of your energy – and remember, Gentlemen, whether it is in your business, whether it is in your government, or whether it is in the conquering of these conditions, the imperative need is for some of your physical energy, which is your Life, to be released that We may amplify that to do the things in the physical octave that are required. It is imperative!

Without that We could not do it, because mankind have placed themselves in that condition by lack of understanding, and you have to pay it back now. You have to give back to Life all you have taken!

Think of it! No one is to blame, but mankind has accepted Life, embodiment after embodiment, and not an “I thank you” – not once – just taking it for granted that Life was supposed to flow.

Well, you were given Free Will to use that energy. Energy in itself does not discriminate; it flows, and if you do not choose how it is going to act, then it just flows forth like that, with no particular accomplishment of any kind.

But when you realize that you are the one who must determine whether that Energy is going to act constructively or destructively for you, then you become the master of the Energy that is flowing into your world, and you can direct it constructively.

That is Victory!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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