understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Being human beings of Free Will, you must choose how this Energy that flows from the “Presence” is going to act for you. Until you will believe that, until you will understand it – that it is true – and give sufficient obedience, you will not have the desired effect in your world.

This requires not only your attention to the “Presence”, but sometimes with the individuals who have great accumulation of discord, it means dynamic Application! And what do I mean by “dynamic Application?” Call to your “Presence” to release and stop all your feeling of discord that is requalifying this energy or clothing it as it goes forth.

That is the thing today.

Thousands and thousands of blessed ones are doing that, are giving the obedience necessary to let the Power of the “Presence” flow forth to do Its Perfect Work for them; and wherever they have gained a certain achievement in that, their happiness, their joy, their courage is boundless.

Then they begin to see they are no longer dealing with an uncertainty of Life, but they are dealing with a Power, an Intelligence that can command Its Own Activity in the world of human experience. But unless they do feel that, unless they understand that, they will just go on in their present limitations – there is no question about that.

For without your understanding that your Life, which is the Source of all Perfection, can produce that Limitless Perfection not only in your physical body but in your world of activity, then mankind are still subject to their accumulation of the centuries.

Unless mankind will call the “Presence” to use the Violet Consuming Flame – you cannot produce that physically; It can only be produced by your Call to the “Presence”, which does produce It.

Therefore, It can only produce Perfection for you; and when you use It as dissolving activity, It dissolves everything discordant accumulated about you during the past centuries.

All that can be dissolved very quickly, from a few weeks to a few months at most, if one is really sincere and in earnest.

These are Great Laws of Life. They are not human opinions, but they are the Law of Life which We as Ascended Beings know to be True!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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