understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is why, Dear Ones, today you must realize that you are facing the crisis of all human experience. Whether you are able to release by the Call to this “Great Presence” and the Cosmic Light, that which repel from the borders of America this destructive force, or whether it comes in and destroys most of mankind – still does it fail, for the Cosmic Light has said It will take Its Dominion on Earth!

If mankind will understand and make this Call that is necessary, they may not be cut off in that which Life intended in this embodiment, but go on and enter into the Great Perfection of this “Presence” and have Perfect Health in the body, Perfect Directing Intelligence, and the Radiation that goes forth that harmonizes everything before you and gives you Perfect Achievement.

The choice is with mankind in America today! The Messengers have pleaded and worked without ceasing to carry forth this message I have brought to Them; for well do I know, having worked for America for two hundred years or more, well do I know the requirements.

Every week I am moving in some of your cities in America in the Tangible, Visible Body, and pouring forth a greater Radiation to help you to establish the conditions necessary to give you Freedom and Perfection today.

The Students have said,”Well, if you are moving in the cities, why don’t you come to us and show us you are Real?” I must be permitted to use My Wisdom in that respect.

I have asked the Students everywhere if they will give obedience and harmonize themselves enough, then I shall appear to them and shake their hands the same as the Messenger does.

How soon that will come depends upon the harmony established within the individuals, because that is the secret of all achievement, Gentlemen – the maintained harmony in your feeling world that allows the Power of this Mighty Intelligence and Energy of the “Presence” to flow forth into your body and out into your world, untouched by human qualification that acts through your feeling.

You cannot penetrate this Light with discord; but you can and do clothe It with the discord, with whatever qualities are in your feeling. It clothes the energy in your world and carries the qualities in your feeling because you are the authority.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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