understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today I think I shall say this because there are those here from New York. In no one city is there a condition as did exist in New York before the last two Classes there. But by Our seeing and knowing this, the tremendous activity that has touched mankind has been governed to a very large degree.

The financial failures through the panics in New York – of course it reached to other cities, but that was the heart center of the activity – charged the atmosphere of New York. You have no idea!

That suggestion through the frantic fear generated through thousands of individuals who lost their all, as they thought, made a condition there that was the most destructive outside of actual war conditions. Therefore, wherever there is a stock exchange activity, Gentlemen, there is a focus of mighty destructive power.

Now then, if you have been acting in those activities, do not be suddenly frightened. Go on, call the “Presence” into action to place you in your own perfect activity of service; then you will just blend, as it were, into your perfect activity of service.

Do not do anything drastic. Do not make drastic changes, but just call your “Presence” into action and you will do the perfect thing you should do at the moment.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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