understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, Gentlemen, at first with some individuals, some natures, it requires Dynamic Application to release a sufficient added Power of the “Presence” to give you the assurance of Its Operation. But after you have continued for some time – easier, easier, more and more natural it becomes, until finally you find it almost involuntary with its great volume of action.

Try it out and you will see every Word We and the Messengers tell you, is the Law of Life which you can set into action if you will. But you must not be impatient. You must not be subject to the suggestions of those about you. If a man comes up to you who understands nothing about this Work and says, “I am astonished that you are mixed up in something of that kind” – Gentlemen, you will meet that almost everywhere you go, more or less, sooner or later.

Now you have to be strong enough to look that person straight in the eye and say: “Why should you judge something of which you know nothing? Don’t try to spew your venom into my world!” And when they see you are positive, they will leave you alone.

Gentlemen, the suggestion of the outer world is the cause of all failure of mankind today, not only the direct suggestion through the spoken word, but through the feeling. People these days have learned that they can sit down and project thought and feeling at you and you respond to it.

Now then, the need today of mankind is to protect themselves and call the “Presence” to draw that Tube of Light about themselves. Then that thing cannot penetrate and act through the feeling world. You do not know how much you are acting according to the touching of something outside, into your feeling world.

Gentlemen, remember, that still in the feeling world of mankind is a very destructive power.

The Great Cosmic Beings are cleansing and purifying with great speed; but if you knew the accumulation that was in the Earth’s atmosphere, caused by the discordant creations and generation of mankind, then you would know it cannot be done in a flash of lightning.

Great, great achievement is being accomplished in the removal of this discordant element and the dissolving of mankind’s own activity. Therefore be patient, be firm, be determined in your Application, and there will nothing daunt you in Its Power of Success and Achievement.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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