understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you, this is as definite and practical as your mathematics. If you will continue to call this forth, just steadily and surely the Powers and Perfection of the “Presence” will take command of your body and not only produce strength and health in your body, but flow out into your world and steadily and surely take Their Dominion in all your endeavors, and make you a success and one to be honored among men.

Do you realize, Gentlemen, what that would mean to you as you move among your own circle of people – one to be honored and looked upon as one who is a minister of Divine Justice? Whatever you ask for yourself, ask for all mankind. Then you will be fulfilling the Law.

But watch, stand guard over yourself that, as you begin to see your achievement, no human quality begins to find expression. Every time your human begins to assert itself, make it shut up and sit down: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’! You are the Only Acting Presence here! Don’t let my human act and disturb all this!”

Then as you hold yourself harmonious in all conditions, you will find the Powers of your “Presence” will flow forth and out into your world and harmonize it; and all will be a glorious activity wherever your attention is directed, because your attention is a Mighty Power. It causes the Energy of that which you call forth from the “Presence” to flow forth to a given objective which your attention is fixed, and there is not anything that can prevent its success or action but yourself.

You are the authority in your world! You are the decreer of how this energy is going to act for you! Do not forget it! As you understand and feel this Great Power, then how at ease and restful will all feeling within you become. That great tension and tightening of the muscles and nerves of the body when anxiety besets you, will just let go and subside. Then you will feel rest, and in that peace and rest is the open door to the Powers of your “Presence” to flow forth.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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