understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, the Power of your “Presence”, I say to you, is Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance; and as you call It forth and It flows in, through, and around your body, It simply takes command of even the atomic structure of your body, of the cells of your body. Therefore, as It gains, there is no timidity. There is only the Consciousness of Divine Wisdom, Love, and Power acting, which knows no resistance of any human qualities.

Therefore, when you go out to meet your fellowman in the requirement of your business activities, you will not feel that someone – because they have called forth a dominating power – can sweep you under because of that dominant human quality that is there.

I ask you, Gentlemen, to read where the Power of the Messenger came forth for that man at that mine and dissolved his human, dominating qualities. Remember, you meet that thing everywhere you go – less today than a year ago, because of the Great and Mighty Decrees that have gone forth, but still you will meet plenty of it yet.

Whenever you go forth, call the Powers of your “Presence” into action before you come into the presence of others: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’! You are in command here! There is no human being who can dominate or influence me! Therefore, You take command of this mind and body! You act there or speak here!”

You will find there will be no desire upon the part of anyone to try to browbeat or dominate you; but be sure when you begin to see this manifesting, be careful that no human feeling comes within you to dominate another! If you do, you will undo your work.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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