understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Call Blessings upon your employees, and call Blessings upon everybody that wants what you have. If you are putting forth some commodity, call Blessings forth that it will bless everybody that touches it.

Oh, the Power of Blessing, Gentlemen! It is no sentimental thing. It was once thought to be only for the feminine activity; but, Gentlemen, today mankind is coming to know that the Power of Blessing is a Divine Activity of Life and is the most Protective Power in all human experience – the Power of Blessing called forth – and why is it so?

Gentlemen, I always try to be so practical. I do not tell you a thing can be, but I tell you why it is so – because that Power of Blessing is charging forth Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance that enfolds that person, place, or condition, and is the Light of your “Presence” which knows no resistance or interference.

Then why is it not practical? Why is It not a Power for Good? Why is It not a Power for your Achievement?

Remember, as you call forth this greater and greater enthusiasm of the Powers of your “Presence”, naturally you will become more harmonious. You will have a greater strength and power to convince you of your own Power of Achievement, which you know comes from your “Presence”.

Then all of this uncertainty of yourself and wavering in the consciousness or feeling world will cease to be, because the Power of your “Presence” is flowing forth, which is all Confidence, all Power of Achievement.

Therefore, all of the conditions that existed in your feeling world must cease because this Power that comes through just sweeps it out, and there is nothing which can remain before that Light.

You see how everything is practical in this Understanding of Life?

I tell you, Gentlemen, that you in Philadelphia today could take a group of one hundred men – or ladies for that matter – and with that firm, unyielding determination, with no wavering in your feeling world of the Powers of the “Presence”, could transform any city in the United States in one year’s time.

We are coming to this point where We shall show you ere long the proof of those words.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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