understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is not a thing in the world that can daunt you or cause you one minute’s failure in the future. You are a master of your world if you will call the Power of your “Presence” into action and keep yourself harmonious.

Remember, Gentlemen, you have no chance unless you will keep your feelings harmonious, and there is no provocation in the outer world that warrants your being disturbed. When you know the Powers of this “Presence”, you will be able to control yourself and keep yourself harmonious.

Therefore, keep calling It forth and charging It definitely into your business, into your home and your activity. It is the Commanding Presence. Nothing can stand before It because where Light expresses, darkness disappears.

I want to tell you of this Magnificent Activity in the opening of your Meeting (singing Minute Men’s Song, etc.). I cannot tell you what great Joy it gives Me, because it does release a joy and enthusiasm to start the activity. Then are released the Powers of the “Presence” in your Meetings and your Decrees, and It goes out into your worlds and begins Its Mighty Work. Do not forget it, Blessed Brothers of Light.

You are no longer subject to limitations. If you need money and your motive is right, Beloved Ones, say “‘Mighty I AM Presence’! Release to me now through the Power of Divine Love, this money that I require for use.” Then, if channels be used, the Wisdom of the “Presence” will select and direct those channels that will cooperate through the Power of Divine Love and Divine Order to give you the assistance you want.

But do not have any secret motives in your Heart, Gentlemen, or in your feeling world, that you want to put something over on someone or deceive them. If you do, you will be the one that will be deceived.

The Great Law of Life will no longer permit this thing among mankind. Therefore, go forth with the Power of the Universe, and nothing can stop your achievement.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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