understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If there has been something – shall we say for the sake of expression – “destructive” in your Life Stream in some previous embodiment and that now tries to surge forth, if you are not using that Invincible Protection and the Violet Consuming Flame, do you not see how the Law of your being would allow it to come forth and find expression today in your activity? This is the natural thing.

It is absolutely bound to do it unless you call sufficient Protection from the “Presence” and use the Violet Consuming Flame to dissolve all that comes forth, because, remember, in your activity of your attention to the “Presence”, you are either consciously or involuntarily calling all of this accumulation forth to be dissolved and consumed – because you are its creator.

You have to get rid of it; and whether you want to do it or not, the very Law of your being, the “Presence”, is calling this forth.

Therefore, unless you use the Violet Consuming Flame, some of these things will find expression in your outer Life, and that is not necessary.

We have seen conditions where I wish so much the individuals would understand and use the Violet Consuming Flame and keep these destructive things, I mean discordant or destructive things, from coming forth – because those are things, if you do not understand, that will be discouraging, and there is no need of that.

You have touched the Victory of Life, the Victory of all Achievement. You are not at the mercy of anything, not even human creation. You are the Victory of Life, and remember it!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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