understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You think you make physical efforts, and of course you do. But what is in that effort? That Energy from your “Presence” is sweeping through out into your world. Do you not see, that is the only Power of Achievement there is?

If that energy which does not discriminate of itself – if you understand the Powers of your “Presence” and that you can call forth Its Great Wisdom to direct that energy, then there is no longer any question in your Life of the complete and full power of Success and of Achievement, wherever that energy is directed.

The difference is between bringing it to a focal point, which is by the power of your attention; or as you would sweep out like that (motion of hand), there would be no definite achievement.

As you spread a thing broadcast like that, it is scattered energy. But when you understand the Powers of your “Presence” and the focusing of your attention upon a given objective, you focus all the Powers of your “Presence” right into that objective and hold it there with definite precision and action until the very power of that energy compels that through into Achievement.

It is the most definite thing in the world before mankind if you look upon it as the practical Application of your Life – not anything unusual. Do not let yourself begin to think of your “Mighty I AM Presence” as something mystical or fantastic. It is not. It is the most practical thing in the world and the only thing that makes anything permanent.

In the failures and losses that have beset mankind, such a thing would be impossible if their attention was held firmly upon the “Presence”.

I say to you Gentlemen who are “I AM” Students, remember that you must hold definite, Invincible Protection of your “Presence” about you and your affairs every day. Do not miss it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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