understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“With most, your “Presence” is acting, which is Love, Wisdom, and Power in balance. It is the greatest thing ever on the face of this Earth for mankind, whether you wish to use It in your business, whether you wish to use It in the Expansion of the Light in the Heart Center – the anchorage from your “Presence” – or whatever it is you wish to do.

Let Me suggest to you this: if you are in business and you have established a business office, go to your office before anyone else is there in the morning and charge it with Peace and Activity; charge it with the Power of Love, Wisdom, and Power to spread out among your employees and produce Its Harmonious Activity and hold Its Dominion there.

Then call forth the Power of Divine Justice in and through yourself and your people, and you will have such Magnificent Activity as the World has always sought but has never known, except in a few instances.

That is why, Gentlemen, in your activity as Minute Men you can utilize this Great Power; and that is why your attention is called to the “Presence” not only as a spiritual activity, because It is more educational than spiritual.

Life is educational, and all this furnished by your “Presence” is the Activity of Life. It is not anything unusual, but It is the practical Understanding and Application of the Laws of your Life.

Now these Currents of Energy are flowing in and through you all the time – perhaps in only a fragmentary manner to what you can call forth by your attention and Application; but taking it as the ordinary individual today, the Power is flowing through.

Not understanding this, human beings constantly requalify it with discord, and it carries that discord into their worlds. Then it suddenly looms up before them, and mankind wonder why their success is not what they want it to be.  It is only because mankind have not understood the very Life that is flowing in and through them and out into their world, by which they attain Success, Achievement, or whatever it is.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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