understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Sometimes there are those who, through preconceived ideas or by listening to foolish gossip or something like that, think This is something, shall we say, far-fetched; but you know, Gentlemen, that It is not. You know that the “Presence” is the Source of all Life, Intelligence, and Activity. Without It, no human being would have freedom; no human being would have intelligence with which to act. No one would have power to accomplish anything.

Notice in your Call to the “Presence” – whether it is in your business, whether it is in your own Expansion of your Light, or in gathering the Powers of Achievement – you call your “Presence” into action; and Love, Wisdom, and Power are acting in balanced form. No one point of that triangle can act separately.

If the Power of Divine Love is acting without Wisdom and Power, it is apt to be extreme. If Wisdom is acting alone, it becomes cold and unfeeling by the human qualification. If Power is there acting, it will make everyone fear you.

We watched a gentlemen in Washington, D. C., many years ago, try it out. He conceived this idea of calling forth some one of these activities of Knowledge, and he happened to focus upon Power. In a short time every one of his friends and associates faded away because they became afraid of him, because they felt this Power surging all the time as he kept gathering it.

You can gather about you whatever force you want to and it will act; but if it is Power, it may easily become destructive. If it is the Power of Love, as Divine Love, it may run into the sex activity if ungoverned by Wisdom. If Wisdom is acting alone, it may easily become cold and unfeeling.

The only Power that is the achievement of Success in all the world of activity of mankind is Love, Wisdom, and Power in balance; and no human being can hold himself in balance without the Power of his “Presence” – which is your Call to the “Presence” to release Its Powers of Action in and through you and out into your world.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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