understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, all that you can use of the Intelligence that ever came forth to any human being on Earth comes from that “Presence”.

You sometimes are inclined to think that you gather ideas from without, and you do; but Gentlemen, think what you are doing: You are gathering other men’s ideas through other individuals. Some are good; some are not.

Now then, why not in your present understanding of this “Great Presence”, turn to It; and each one, every night before you sleep, turn your attention There and ask It to give you the Perfect Ideas concerning the conducting of yourself and your business?

Do you not see – within that, you would call forth the Infinite Powers of Light, Strength, Courage, and Intelligence to govern your activity of your world; and you could make it whatever success you chose to? There would be nothing to stand before you in that activity.

Then as you have your business stabilized, successfully acting, you can call the “Presence” to provide someone there to take charge of your business. You find yourself enabled to have the means and time to have the Directing Intelligence to go out and spread this very thing among others who in their Heart want to know of this Great Light.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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