understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“May I offer a suggestion to you, Gentlemen? Not only call forth the Perfecting Activity of your world, but take up a definite activity for charging the powers of your business into action for your success. Your business is important;  your outer activity is important as a means, a channel, by which you can pour forth the Powers of your “Presence” into the activity of mankind.

Now I have not said much about the Minute Men’s activity because I was waiting to see just what, of their own volition, they were going to do, they were determined to do; but since it is sweeping over America, I feel I should very definitely say something today for your encouragement and strength.

If the businessmen – remember, we should not use the word “if” – when the businessmen come to realize in the Groups, even as you have a number here today, what you can do for yourselves and for each other in calling forth the Powers of the “Presence” to charge Its Activity and Success into your business activity – I tell you, Dear People, you can do wonders for yourselves in calling the “Presence” forth! Charge It into your business! And think, if you have a hundred men, if you have five hundred, then each one has five hundred times his own effort charged into his business world for his success.

Do you not see how you cannot fail in your achievement or anything upon which you direct your attention in the outer business activity, if a group of businessmen kept charging the Powers of the “Presence” into action for success?

Of course, your motives must be kept all right, because if there is a wrong motive, if a wrong feeling is acting, it will clothe this energy that goes forth.

Beloved Saint Germain

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