understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, when individuals have come to understand this, “Presence”, no matter what the mistakes have been, please do not dwell upon them. If you know you have made mistakes, call on the Law of Forgiveness. Say, “‘Beloved Mighty I AM Presence’, see that I do not do it again”; and with great joy and strength, call on the Law of Forgiveness.

Say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, I call You to take command and see that I do not do these things anymore, that I do not make all these mistakes, because now I know that Your Intelligence is directing me, and I abide in sufficient stillness that It can come through and direct me!”

Remember, Blessed People, that kindness is the greatest thing in the World if you wish to achieve. No matter what someone does to you, oh, go on in that great kindness and serenity; then the Power of your “Presence” can flow through and correct it. Do not ever take an arrogant attitude and strut the human vanity, “I shall tell you what to do!” Then you have antagonized, and no good came of it.

If you will remember, don’t try to tell individuals what they should do. If necessary, endeavor, if they care to listen, to point out the Law; but never allow it to appear as a personal thing. If the human element in them is strong, they will feel antagonistic if they think someone is undertaking to govern them. After all, no one has a right to do that.

The only thing, Gentlemen, you are concerned with is the Perfection of yourself and your world. There is nothing selfish about that. Then as you perfect yourself, that radiation will go out to those who feel that Perfect Activity; and remember, the radiation that goes out is Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance. You do not see it with the physical sight; yet in the feeling world it is very tangible, as tangible as any physical thing which you touch here.

That is what mankind has not understood – that this radiation which goes out is a tangible thing to everyone. Of course, among people who have studied metaphysics, they are inclined to think they are the only people that are sensitive. That is a mistake. Everybody on Earth is tremendously sensitive, more than they realize. They feel these things.

If you understand the Law, pour out love and kindness! I do not mean love as a sentimental thing. Love has nothing to do with sentiment. Love is Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance of the “Presence” that goes forth at your Call.

But when We speak of Divine Love, We refer to that Self-Luminous, Intelligent Substance which is Energy and Substance, which you need to draw into action to go out and perform Its Perfecting Activity in your world.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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