understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Great Law of Life, Gentlemen, is so Magnificent if understood. In those days so long ago, when I did not understand then either – when that time came, and after going through tremendous experiences in the human octave, the same as all mankind is going through – then I too saw that the only thing that stood between Me and My present position in the Light was My own feeling, that feeling that became rampant and filled with anger and antagonism was the thing that had prevented My Success, and is the only thing that prevents all mankind from having the Happiness and Success that is due everyone.

Gentlemen, please feel that your God-Light that beats your Heart is the Power of all Achievement. If you keep yourself harmonious enough to call that Power forth – or shall I say first, to let it flow forth – then as you come to understand that the “Presence” is there that gives you Life, you can call It forth with an intensity that is inconceivable, even to your present understanding.

You will see how that “Presence” is the Power of the Universe and is the Power of your Achievement, no matter what it is you fix your attention upon, so long as it is constructive.

Your Higher Mental Body, which is your Discriminating, Selective Intelligence, will not permit a greater Power of that to flow forth if you are going to misuse it, because it will only cause imperfection; and It will not allow that to go forth – only that which you have accumulated.

You may wonder, sometimes, how it is that men and women go forward so long doing destructive things. There are two reasons. First, perhaps in some past embodiment in which they have lived, they have called forth about their being, tremendous energy. It is charged and held there because, for the sake of expression, selfishness held all that energy about them and did not allow it to go forth.

Remember, you are the decreer of how that energy is going to act for you when it goes forth. Therefore, they had accumulated that; then for any destructive purpose, they can only use the accumulated energy that has been drawn about their bodies to produce destructive things.

When that is used up, they are like a balloon without any air in it, and they cannot get more energy again. Then they fail.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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