understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It is This I bring to you tonight, as Power Unlimited, to fulfill some of your Calls you have made tonight. I hope you will feel the Peace, and the Invincible Power, Authority and Control of everything about you, as you let Our feeling come in and around you, and you acknowledge the Victory of Ascended Master Control, instead of the appearance world of what seems, at the present time, to be controlling outer world conditions;

for I tell you, that temporary control by destructive forces of conditions in this physical world, that must be consumed by the Sacred Fire – and the Sacred Fire or Our Life is Power Unlimited, Invincible, Eternal Purity, and It is Victory assured!

As you understand that It is Invincible Protection, I plead with you, use It, use It in anything and everything you do, from the smallest to the greatest; because It is the Sacred Fire from the Great Central Sun!

It’s the Sacred Fire everywhere in manifestation, that produces Perfection in outer physical conditions; and when physical conditions need purifying and correcting, please, first of all, CALL FORTH THE VIOLET CONSUMING FLAME’S PURIFYING LOVE, AND PROTECTING LOVE, THAT IS ALL FREEDOM FROM HUMAN DISTRESS!

When you CALL FORTH THE ASCENDED MASTERS’ SACRED FIRE VICTORY OF THE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD, We can clothe you, in an instant, with Powers that, as yet, you have not drawn forth, and cannot draw forth from your “Mighty I AM Presence” and Higher Mental Body at the present time, until your momentum reaches a certain point.

But, no matter what the crisis might be, if it were suddenly necessary to hold Invincible Protection around you – if you have this momentum around you, and your attention calls to Us for Our Sacred Fire Protecting Love – It can flash the next instant, before anything human can act in this physical world.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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