understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Any time that you seem in distress, any time that problems weigh heavily upon you, any time that there seems to be a mistake, or a looking back upon something that was discordant, if you will just master that attention, and forbid it to any longer connect with the mistakes of the past – anyone’s, yours or anyone else’s –

and if you will only command it to come into the Heart Flame of our Illumining Love, and ask Us to teach you about Ourselves, and what Powers of Life We can draw in and around you, to enable you to create much more harmonious activities in the outer, enable you to create the things that fulfill the Divine Plan, and, wherever you go, your world becomes the Divine Plan fulfilled, because you live within that which you create.

If you are interested in creating, in outer world conditions, the Ascended Masters’ Divine plan fulfilled, Our Way, that It may bless all Life, wherever you call It forth, It can only produce that which is constructive.

As It is sustained, It will let the Light of our Love expand; and That is the Raising Power of all on this Earth, to raise it into the Ascended Masters’ Octave; because as you let Our Love come into this World, and you CALL OUR SACRED FIRE’S ILLUMINING LOVE INTO EVERY BIT OF SUBSTANCE AND ENERGY, AND CONSCIOUSNESS IN THIS WORLD, It purifies, and illumines, and compels everything to come into Perfection – Harmoniously, Permanently.

Then you will know what Power really is!

When you have attained this, or you have a good strong momentum of it in the atmosphere about you, you will find the Powers of Nature not only obey you, but They will come to you, They will flood to you Their Blessings, because your Love is a magnet that draws the Perfection of Their Life to you, as you give It to the World around you.

I know of nothing – there is nothing in the Universe – that pours back such Expanding Perfection and Blessings for Eternity, as does the use of the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Fire Love in the physical octave, while you yet remain unascended.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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