understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, before the Ascension, you can learn to pour that Love to Life, realizing It is the Greater Activities of the Sacred Fire from your “Beloved I AM Presence” and all the Ascended Host. As you understand that, you can, and you will take time to – for even just a moment – ASK YOUR “BELOVED I AM PRESENCE” AND ALL THE ASCENDED HOST, TO FLOOD EVERYWHERE GREAT OCEANS OF ITS OWN SACRED FIRE LOVE!

Just send It to all Life, to fulfill the Great Divine Plan of this World, and the System to which you belong.

You could not give the Love of your own “Blessed Mighty I AM Presence”, and you could not give the feeling, within yourself, of offering love to the rest of Life, without having all the Love in Infinite Space come back and love you! You cannot lose!

There is no such thing as not having the Greater Life flood you with Its Own Love, by which Infinite Space is filled with Perfect Manifestation, forever expanding!

Beloved Ones, when people will not live for the Expansion of the Sacred Fire’s Love of Ever-Expanding Perfection and Protection to all that is in manifestation – when mankind will not let that Love go forth, there is no such thing as Happiness and Peace! It doesn’t come from anywhere, except the Light of the Supreme Love of Creation!

It is that Heart Flame from your “Beloved I AM Presence”, from the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings – the Heart Flame of Love that is the focus of Terrific Power in the Temples of the Sacred Fire, which are the Homes of the Ascended Host and the Cosmic Beings – that Love in the Physical Sun, and the Great Central Sun, that gives Its Life into the use of the people of this World.

Certainly the human intellect should understand, it owes something back to Infinite Life, because of the Blessings that the Life in this World has made possible for the outer self to use!

When it comes to the Hour of the Ascension – I assure you, as you leave this World – you will bless everything with the Love that is drawing you into Its Heart of Perfection forever. Then, the places that have seemed dark, and filled with discord and destruction, will be fulfilled with the Sacred Fire’s Purity, and Love, and Illumination.

That is why, at every Ascension, there is a Raising takes place, not only of the immediate locality where the Ascension is accomplished, but in the city, and the Nation, and then throughout the World.


Beloved David Lloyd

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