understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mankind cannot live alone! Individuals cannot live alone! No one part of Life can be completely cut away from all the rest of the Life in the Universe, because there is no place where Life is not.

Therefore, the Happiness that people seek – the Perfection the feeling in the emotional body desires, and craves, and wants to bring into outer manifestation, and place in the physical world – that Perfection must come from the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host;

but It must come within the Individual, by the Love to the “Presence”, which keeps the way clear for the Perfect Ideas, and that Sacred Fire to come into the outer self – which is the Power that the outer self uses to produce manifestation out here, that is of Perfection, fulfills the Divine Plan, and It gives Its Blessings to the rest of Life wherever you abide.

The individual who does not live to let that Greater Love and Sacred Fire’s Perfection come into the outer self, and then, loves to give It back to the Infinite Life, and gives It back to all Life in the Universe – the Individual who will not live for that, simply closes the door to the Light and the Love, and abides in the distress of human discord, and impurity, and imperfection, because it will not let the Light of love come through.

When it comes to the Attainment of the Ascension, I assure you, Blessed, Blessed, Blessed Hearts of the Light – when you come to that moment — you can’t feel anything except the Love to Life that disconnects you from the discord of this World.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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