understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mankind embodied in this World has not received from the other Systems of Worlds anything but Light; and Light is Love; and the Love is the Heart Flame from the Great Central Sun!

Therefore, since that Perfection of Life has constantly blest this World, and all upon It, then the Life in the human beings in this World is expected to pour back Love, and Blessing, and Perfection to the Greater Life of the Universe; and, until that is allowed to expand through the outer self, limitation and discord go on.

But when the outer intellectual consciousness of the mind, and the desire in the feeling, understand and realize that the Greater Life is giving to the Individual, all the time – when the Full Illumination and Realization of all that means to the outer self, comes from within, as the All-Illumining Ascended Master Consciousness – then there comes the Expansion of the Unfed Flame in the Heart.

When that comes, Happiness that is yours for Eternity, begins to fill everything in your beings and worlds; and, then you know – because of that Happiness – you know that you are that Love from the Great Central Sun!

You know that all in the Universe loves you; and you, in return, must love the rest of Infinite Space!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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