understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of the Light, I trust I may bring to your consciousness tonight, an Awareness of the Mighty Divine Plan of Life’s Perfection in this World fulfilled, and the Full Comprehending Consciousness of all that It means to all Life, everywhere you go, the rest of Eternity!

Life’s Almighty Divine Plan fulfilled is Ever-Expanding Perfection! Now, intellectually, you have heard this; and, intellectually, you agree with It! In your feeling you desire It; or, at least most people do, when they really understand It.

But when you realize, that in allowing the Perfection of your own “Beloved I AM Presence” to come forth through the outer self, and fill all the conditions that you contact, and go on expanding Perfection that your “Beloved I AM Presence” is constantly giving, and that the Ascended Masters are constantly giving, through this Flame of the Seven Mighty Elohim, then you must realize that your effect upon the rest of Life, and the rest of the Universe around you, must forever be the expanding of the love, and the peace, and the blessings that have given you – from within the outer self – the good that has kept you happy, the good that has enabled you to manifest Perfection in outer world conditions, and the good that has sustained harmony, and blessing and happiness for you.

Since the Life of the whole Planet, and the System – all the Life in this System of Worlds – is continually held within the Love of the Great Central Sun, and It is continually giving more of Itself, and Its Perfection, and Its Love, and Its Peace, and Its Purity into outer manifestation, always expanding that which is Harmonious and Perfect, then, the Individual must – someday – come to realize that the outer self must, of necessity – because of the Cosmic Law that governs all Systems of Worlds – the outer self must learn to let flow through that Greater Perfection, and that the outer self is obligated to pour that purifying love, and peace and blessing to Life;

it is obligated to pour that back to every bit of Life in the Universe, because the Infinite Universe surrounds the finite body of the physical world of the Individuals who embody here.

Since all that is the Perfection of Infinity is pouring Its Blessings to the Earth, then, every particle of Life in this World must – one day, sometime, somewhere – pour back to that Infinite Scheme of Creation – it must pour back its love!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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