isis unveiled: chapter chapter VI (seeds of truth)

“Van Helmont, who was a disciple of Paracelsus, says much the same, though his theories on magnetism are more largely developed, and still more carefully elaborated. The Magnale Magnum, the means by which the secret magnetic property “enables one person to affect another mutually, is attributed by him to that universal sympathy which exists between all things in nature.

The cause produces the effect, the effect refers itself back to the cause, and both are reciprocated.

“Magnetism”, he says, “is an unknown property of a heavenly nature; very much resembling the stars, and not at all impeded by any boundaries of space or time….Every created being possesses his own celestial power and is closely allied with heaven.

This magic power of man, which thus can operate externally, lies, as it were, hidden in the inner man.

This magical wisdom and strength thus sleeps, but, by a mere suggestion is roused into activity, and becomes more living, the more the outer man of flesh and the darkness is repressed… and this, I say, the kabalistic art effects; it brings back to the soul that magical yet natural strength which like a startled sleep had left it.”

Both Van Helmont and Paracelsus agree as to the great potency of the will in the state of ecstasy; they say that “the spirit is everywhere diffused; and the spirit is the medium of magnetism”; that pure primeval magic does not consist in superstitious practices and vain ceremonies but in the imperial will of man.

“It is not the spirits of heaven and of hell which are the masters over physical nature, but the soul and spirit of man which are concealed in him as the fire is concealed in the flint.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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