isis unveiled: chapter chapter VI (seeds of truth)

“The unity of the universe was asserted by Paracelsus, who says that “the human body is possessed of primeval stuff” (or cosmic matter); the spectroscope has proved the assertion by showing that the same chemical elements which exist upon earth and in the sun, are also found in all the stars.

The spectroscope does more: it shows that all the stars are suns, similar in constitution to our own; and as we are told by Professor Mayer, that the magnetic condition of the earth changes with every variation upon the sun’s surface, and is said to be “in subjection to emanations from the sun”, the stars being suns must also give off emanations which affect us in proportionate degrees.

“In our dreams”, says Paracelsus, “we are like plants, which have also the elementary and vital body, but possess not the spirit. In our sleep the astral body is free and can, by the elasticity of its nature, either hover round in proximity with its sleeping vehicle, or soar higher to hold converse with its starry parents, or even communicate with its brothers at great distances.

Dreams of a prophetic character, prescience, and present wants, are the faculties of the astral spirit. To our elementary and grosser body, these gifts are not imparted, for at death it descends into the bosom of the earth and is reunited to the physical elements, while several spirits return to the stars.” “The animas”, he adds, “have also their presentiments, for they too have an astral body.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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