understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you CALL THE SACRED FIRE’S LOVE OF THE AWAKENING CONSCIOUSNESS FROM THE ASCENDED MASTERS’ OCTAVE INTO ALL THAT LIVES IN THIS WORLD, you are giving the Eternal Love of Immortal Perfection of Mastery over discord, and therefore, the Immortal Purity of Freedom, and Peace, and Victory for Eternity.

I commend you to It by the Love which it is My privilege to use, to bestow, and which I am pouring into this World with your assistance, to help the rest of Life become that which We are.

So, unto that Divine Purpose, to that Great Joy, to that Mighty Victory do I pour My Love, that I may help to raise you to that Freedom which “I AM”.

Then again, as you turn to pour your Love to the rest of Life, will you find Illumination taking the place of the shadows of Earth, and the Happiness, and the Music – the “I AM” Miracle Music of the Spheres – will forever replace the cry of human distress!

I invite you to come into My Heart’s World in the Song of the Sacred Fire’s Love, which is Immortal Peace!

May you become Its Sun Presence to the Earth, and walk with Us everyday, and pour forth the Sacred Fire Love that produces It for Eternity!

Thank you with all My Heart!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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