understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is only One Place from whence Peace comes, and that’s the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire from the “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host. From the Ascended Masters’ Octave alone comes the only Peace in all Infinity, and all Eternity!

So, when you want Peace, TURN BACK TO THE “BELOVED I AM PRESENCE” AND THE ASCENDED HOST, AND ASK FOR THE SACRED FIRE’S LOVE OF THE AWAKENING CONSCIOUSNESS THAT RAISES ALL INTO THE ASCENSION; and you have no idea what Miracles can be produced. You have no idea what Power you can have. You have no idea what Protection it will be.

If the Great Cosmic Law, through the Love of the Beloved Master Saint Germain, or any Ascended Being, is willing to raise a little boot black off the street into the Ascension in three years, surely, there is some Love in the Universe that will raise you too; and “I AM” that Love! (Applause) Thank you so much!

Try to remember that whenever you call to Us for anything, whatever Our Love gives to you is a Raising Consciousness to raise you out of distress, out of limitation, out of everything that is not Our Love, and Our Mastery over all Creation!

Go forward, and remember, there are Angels of the Ascension, Whose Love is indescribable in words, but Whose Raising Power of that Love is forever the Control of all wherever you abide.

So, I commend you to your close association with Them! I commend you to your Call to Them, that They may raise others you contact, as well as yourselves, so all may go forward to the Victory of the Ascension, and that Ascension is what? Just letting go of the distress and the limitations you have had in this World.

So, it shouldn’t be so hard; it shouldn’t be difficult; it shouldn’t be feared; and certainly, it needs to be understood!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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