understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It seems to Me, mankind have traveled the path of struggle and distress, and the shadows, long enough. My Love is Light to the Universe; and so should yours be, in your Call for the Ascension of mankind. The very intensity of your Call will bring a Light within and around you, that will show the rest of mankind the pathway out of distress, and into Happiness that Mastery alone can give.

So, as Those Who have assisted mankind through the centuries to attain the Ascension through the Retreats of the World, are now pouring Their Feeling of that Ascension into outer activities of mankind, it is that the distress of the centuries may be compelled to be released and consumed from the Universe, that the Heart in every human being may speak Its command to the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan, the Joyous Way out of the human ideas, and into the Feeling of the Love that never produces imperfection.

So, Blessed Ones, whenever you pour your love to mankind, remember to make the Call for the Ascended Masters’ Feeling of the Love to go forth to mankind that can never produce imperfection, or unhappiness, or anything in the way of a struggle to Life anywhere you pass by.

I tell you, it is such a thrill of joy to be able to send forth that Sacred Fire of the Love that brings happiness wherever the shadows of distress have unfortunately been created by mankind.

Will you try to awaken to the consciousness that the Great All-Wise, All-Loving, All-Perfect Source of Life, the “Mighty I AM Presence” in the Great Central Sun, never created unhappiness or imperfection in this World.

So, since you have had to experience some of it, and certainly want no more, then as you understand what it means to draw the Thrill of the Ascension into the feeling world of yourselves and the rest of mankind, just make the Call, then go on in a perfectly natural, normal way every day. You will find that Thrill and Feeling which We experience, becoming a natural part of your own outer activities, just as the Joyous Assurance of your own Victory attained.

The very intensity of that Love and that Feeling will draw your Ascension into action, not necessarily more quickly, but with the Greater Power that is the Raising Activity to the rest of the Earth.

In that way, My Dear Ones, you could raise an entire locality out of the distress, and imperfection, and blight mankind have imposed upon it, and make it become a Glorifying Activity to the Source of Life to all.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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