understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, in sending forth your Call for the Freedom of mankind, there must come the love of forgiveness to that which is of the shadows.

Now I do not mean a sympathy with that which is destructive. I mean the Use of this Sacred Fire, with the Command that It go forth into all that causes distress and consumes it from the Universe, and in its place, you leave This Feeling from the Heart of Creation of the Glory and Attainment of the Ascension.

Then That becomes an Illumining, Purifying Activity to the physical structure of Earth, until – like a magnet – It draws off the impurities that have been imposed upon the Beings of the Elements, and the Forces of Nature, and the substance of mankind’s bodies.

In drawing off that impurity, it changes the appearance of the physical form, and mankind return to the Original Divine Pattern from whence they began their journey upon the Earth.

This will solve more problems than you can possibly understand tonight, for It is the Hand of the Sacred Fire from the Great Central Sun that removes from God’s World, and from those Who have journeyed this way, the appearance and the qualities of desecration of the Beauty that was given in the beginning.

So, when My Feeling of Love comes to you, I want you to realize, I shall charge you with the exhilaration and the thrill of Joy that will lift you, day after day, into such Victorious Accomplishment while you yet move in the outer world, that wherever you abide, the Ascended Masters’ Perfection does become a Part of this World because of your joy and anticipation of your Attainment.

So, Beloved Ones, let us try this in the next three days. If you want My Exhilaration and Thrill of My Experience in the place of seeming physical weariness, I have the Power to draw off that which is not the joy and miraculous accomplishment of that which you desire to produce before mankind, as the picture of the Joy of fulfilling the Great Divine Plan.

I will assist you in every way in this locality to accomplish anything your Hearts desire to do for the raising of mankind and the Earth into the Perfection that should long ago have been established here, as the Great Blessing from the Central Sun.

You may have anything you desire, so long as you bring Ascended Master Perfection into this World for the Ascension of all, including the Earth Itself, in the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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