understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Regardless of anything mankind has created, This of which I speak is the Master Power of Life. It will never fail you, and It is never absent, and no one in the Universe can prevent you having Its Perfection, if you decide within yourself to feel the love to your “I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host, which enables Their Sacred Fire, Our Sacred Fire, to come back into you, carrying into you Our Feeling of Dominion, of Illumination, and of the Miracle Control of all substance, and all energy for which you have called.

Then, My Dear Ones, the matter of the healing of the body, or the healing of the mind, or the illumination of the outer self, is but a continual flow into that energy of the Feeling from Our Great Octave of Life.

If you will bring Our Feeling of that Love to Life into this World, just as surely as you call This forth into outer physical conditions, must the Cosmic Law flood you with the feeling from the Great Central Sun that gives you the Blessings, and the Power and Assistance to express the Fullness of your Mastery.

So, if I may convey to you the Joy of Attainment after long years of search and struggle, I am just as sure, as I am that the Universe exists, that you will accept My Feeling of My Victory and My Love and My Enjoyment of Attainment!

And regardless of anything of human creation or limitation, if you will turn away from it, and DEMAND THE ETERNAL JOY AND VICTORIOUS ATTAINMENT OF THOSE WHO STAND THE MASTER PRESENCE OF THE COSMIC LAW TO THIS WORLD, Their Love and Their Feeling of Complete Dominion comes into the energy of your Life; and you – feeling as They do – manifest as They do, Their Love to this World;

and as you give It, you must receive It from above.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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