understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“While Our Love is so great for you all, and We do have to temper It with Mercy, Beloved Ones, as you turn your attention to Us, so We do not overwhelm you too suddenly; yet, every time you give Us the opportunity, through your attention, to make you feel Our Presence and Our Feeling at the Moment of the Ascension – every time you do that, you are raised one step nearer into your Victory.

So, if you don’t mind, I would like to associate with you very, very often. (Applause) Thank you, Precious Ones, with all My Heart. Won’t you be seated please, and just remain so.

Now if you care to experiment with This Feeling sometime each day, if only for a few moments, as you turn your attention to Me, I think you will be quite conscious of a Peace and an Ease coming into the energy of your feeling world, that will be not only a Sustaining Strength, but will be an Expanding Light and a Raising Power that gradually transmutes the substance of the outer self into the White Fire Body of your Higher Mental Body.

This is the Great Process within Life for raising the substance and the energy of which this World is composed, into the Eternal Activity of the Sacred Fire, that forever expands Its Perfection everywhere throughout the Universe.

Therefore, even the tiniest portion of the substance or energy of the physical octave must someday become a Flame in the Ascended Masters’ Octave; and as you draw forth Our feeling into the physical conditions of the World around you, Our Sacred Fire begins to flood your World with the Perfection and the Happiness, that one day makes the Earth a Sun in space, and all Life upon It, Ascended.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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