understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This, I want to assure you, will flood to you everyday from My Heart, and from the Hearts of the Ascended Host that are ready now to release Their Feeling that They experienced at the moment of the Ascension, into the feeling world, into the energy of the mental and feeling world of all mankind.

Because, in attaining the Ascension, there must come within the energy of the outer self, the Feeling of levitation, the Feeling of arising, and the Vibratory Action increasing in the flesh structure to the point, where it becomes One with the Vibratory Action of the Higher Mental Body, which is the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Love that you must feel for all that is, before you can enter into the Flame Presence, or the Electronic Body of the “Mighty I AM”.

So, those of Us Who have gone the pathway before you, have already experienced the feeling of rising from the physical structure of Earth into the Glorifying, Blazing Substance of the Higher Mental Body, which carries a thrill, a joy, a power, that you will never forget in all Eternity!
Then, as you enter into the Oneness with the Electronic Body, that Raising Process is so wonderful; It is such Ecstasy; It is such a sense of Freedom, and such Dominion over all the atmosphere around you, that It makes Its Eternal Impression upon your feeling.

You never forget the Joy of those Moments when you are arising into your Great Mastery and Almighty Dominion over the energy of the Universe. Since no unascended being can convey That to you, it is imperative that mankind have this Assistance from the Ascended Masters and the Cosmic Beings and the Angelic Host;

because, the Ascension cannot be accomplished without That Feeling flooding into and qualifying everything that is the energy and substance of the outer self, with the Feeling of that Love which is Master of Creation, and is the Source from which all Happiness and all Perfection forever pour forth to flood everywhere Its Dominion for Eternity.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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