understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of My Heart, I welcome you tonight with a Joy that words will never convey, but which My feelings shall reveal to you within yourselves, for your strength and accomplishment of that which you choose to make conscious effort to attain.

In entering into the use of the Great Power by which the Ascension is attained, there may seem situations in the outer that apparently would try to discourage you, but remember your own Authority of your “Blessed Mighty I AM Presence” is paramount over all human creation; and tonight I want you to feel that.

I want you to use that Authority, with the full Realization that the Sacred Fire from the Great Central Sun in Its Dominion upon the Earth is yours to use without limit.

Now, to make your journey more wonderful in every way, and your Victory more certain, I wish you to understand, that as you are definitely concerned with calling forth the Ascension for all mankind the Original Divine Way, sixty percent of that Desire and the Energy which It concentrates into your feeling world, remains in your Life Stream to be the Ascending Power to help you.

Mankind, bound as they are in the shadows that will not let them understand what the Light holds to bless them, must have Assistance to draw them up and out of those shadows by a Power of Light that they cannot resist.

That is the reason for the Descent of the Cosmic Light into the atmosphere of Earth, and into the mental and feeling world of the mass of the people, that there may live again within them the Desire to have the Perfection of God, and the Freedom from the Heart of Creation, that fulfill the Divine Plan to set them Free.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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