understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“All the effort you will ever make toward your Ascension, Beloved Ones, in self-correction and obedience, is such a small thing compared to the Great Thing of attaining the Ascension.

So when you realize, that in letting go of everything here, by pouring your Love and Blessing to It, you are receiving the Infinite Love and Happiness of Eternity.

Nothing will seem difficult; nothing will be a struggle. Everything will be just an opportunity to send forth more of that Love that brings the Moment of such transcendent Joy, as you complete your Victory of your Journey through this World, and you arise consciously within that Ray of Light, whose Love to the Heart of Creation ever raises you to Greater Heights of Perfection.

But the Greatest Freedom in the Universe is yours as you bless this World and everything that touched your Life Stream, with the Love that sets you Free.

In setting yourself Free, you are loving the substance of this World into the Purity that will one day be Self-luminous, and the Earth Itself becomes Ascended also.

So, as you give the Love that cuts you loose from the limitations of this World, you are also giving the Love that helps to raise this World into Its Ascension, as you take your own.

So as you remember Me, try to keep paramount in your consciousness, THAT I HAVE PLACED WITHIN MY IMAGE, IN THE LOVE OF YOUR HEART, I HAVE PLACED MY FEELING OF MY LOVE TO LIFE; and it will be much easier for you to pour forth love and kindness, where heretofore, perhaps, it has been something of a struggle.

So, My Love, in the Image in your Heart of Me, will be the Assistance to you that enables you to expand your own love more rapidly in that magnificent Service which you have the Privilege to give to Life, because you know This Law consciously.

Then, if it becomes necessary, you will have made preparation ahead, whereby the Cosmic Law can draw you unto Its Own Love, because the way is prepared; your love has been sent forth to free the rest of Life; and automatically the Cosmic Law pours back to you your Freedom of Eternity.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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