understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Love is so Great for Eternity, that It ever seeks to spread forth Its Blessings to make others feel that same Love that sets all Free. That is why the Mighty Saint Germain, in His Love to the Master Jesus, is an Honor to Life whenever He passes Him, and that Love and Gratitude ever grows greater for His Great Magnificent Work throughout the World.

The Blessed Master Jesus in the Powerful Assistance and Strength which He was to the Earth, in that Victory of His Attainment, shall forever bless this whole System of Worlds with the Glory of its Perfection. So it is with you!

In the Moment of the Ascension, there comes Joy if you attain It consciously, without passing through the change called death. There comes such Joy as you will never know, until you begin to use It to bring Joy to others.

That is why tonight, I have anchored the Image of Myself within the Love of your own Heart’s Flame, that I may make you feel again and again the Feeling which was Mine of that Complete Love that is your Attainment.

Then it will not be so difficult to pour Love to the World around you, as you feel more often the Mastery and Complete Freedom that is in My Feeling as I attained that Freedom and felt It for the first time. The first time you feel that Complete Release, the Feeling will never fade through Eternity!

So My fifty years of wandering throughout the World, throughout America, seeking that which fulfilled the Blessing of the Master Who gave Me that Instruction, while it seemed a long strenuous effort, yet it was so little for what I received.”

Beloved David Loyd

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