understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Feeling when I saw the Beloved Godfre, and He handed Me that Cup, I shall feel that Thrill and I feel It yet! I shall feel It for Eternity! For in that Moment, there is a record made in the Universe of the Glory that comes only from that “Magnificent I AM Presence” that gives you existence.

No one knows how much I loved Him; no one knows how much I love Him; no one knows how deeply you feel the Gratitude for the connection with that Power that attains the Fulfillment of your Desire. That is why My Love was so Great.

It took Me some time, even in the Ascended State, to control the Intensity of My Love and Gratitude to Him, because it was a Management of the Energy which had gathered so powerfully during those long years of My Desire.

The Mighty Saint Germain and the Great Ones have taught so well the Way, the Means of gaining the Victory.

So, in the Realm to which I went immediately, as I became accustomed to the Use of those Greater Powers of My Freedom, as the Greater Love surges, you still have to hold control of that energy, and I had to sort of practice controlling that before I dared come back into that atmosphere of the Beloved Godfre.

Do you know, My dear Ones, the Channel through which you receive your Ascension is an altar of Love that abides with you for all Eternity. You never lose the Love nor the Gratitude nor the Wonder of that Help which comes to you in the Attainment of the Final Moment of your Victory. There is no Compensation. There is no Balance you could ever give in the Universe to those Who help you to your Ascension.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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