understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When the Release comes from the things that have held you, or the conditions, because you have just poured Love enough upon them to give them Freedom from any connection with you, then the energy of the outer self is free in the Love to the “Presence” to complete the Victory. I am quite sure that I can make you feel My Love that brought Freedom to Me.

I know what I felt when I gave everything else its Freedom by My Love and Blessing to it. I know what that feeling is of just being Free from every bit of struggle in this World.

That Love to everything around Me gave Me that Feeling of Freedom; and as soon as I had given complete Freedom, I had My Freedom.

It can only come through enough Love to all that you contact in the physical world; and that Love must be the Outpouring of your Higher Mental Body through the outer self, with that Pure Divine Love that just blesses with deep Gratitude everything that God has placed in this World to assist your Life Stream to be Free.

So, Love is the Only Way; and since your Love is so great tonight for your Nation and for the Protection of that which is right, and since your Service thus far has been so wonderful, I wanted to offer you the Assistance of My Love to accomplish your Victory as happily as I did Mine.
I can make you feel what it means to love yourself Free from the connection with this World, and to love yourself into the next World by your Love to your “Presence”. It works both ways.

Your Love to everything in this World that has blessed you, and even all that has not, frees you from the connection with the qualities of this World; and your Love to your “Presence” is an Action of the Great Central Sun Magnet that draws you into the Love of your “Presence”.

Since your Love to your Nation tonight has been so great, and since your Calls have gone forth, then Love must answer Its own and the Love you have given to save that which is of God within your borders, will always remain within and around you to help you give that same Protection and Freedom to the Life around you, until your “Presence” gives you the same thing.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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