understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Precious Ones of the Mighty Saint Germain’s Family, thank you for your presence here tonight, thank you for your Love of the Light, thank you for your Desire to be raised into Its Victory forever.

And if in My Humble Way, I can do anything to assist you, to make you feel what I felt in the Accomplishment of My Ascension the Way It was attained, I shall be so happy at any moment to send My Feeling to you, that you may anticipate the Experience and live deep within the Love of that Feeling, so We may accomplish the most possible as the Great Cosmic Law permits.

Having once attained the Ascension in the Way which I did, anyone who can feel Me within your Heart, can feel the Feeling I experienced in the Magnificent Victory and Transcendent Way in which it was accomplished for Me. Long years of Love and Desire for That, drew the Power in and around Me, qualified with the Ability to accomplish It.

So it is with you, if you desire to do It that Way, without any personal reason, but just because It is the most wonderful, perfect Way to accomplish It, and then to leave It as an Example for mankind to love to follow, then it is an easy matter, as you dwell upon the Experience to receive the Feeling that was Mine in the Moment and the Hour of My attainment.

For I assure you, when you make the Transition from the outer self into the Full Perfection of the Higher Mental Body, it is the most wonderful feeling to accomplish that consciously with Full Determination, knowing every instant the Glory into which you are Ascending and the Blessing to that which you leave.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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