isis unveiled: chapter v (one common origin)

“Emepht, the supreme, first principle, produced an egg; by brooding over which, and permeating the substance of it with its own vivifying essence, the germ contained within was developed; and Phtha, the active creative principle proceeded from it, and began his work.

From the boundless expanse of cosmic matter, which had formed itself under his breath, or will, this cosmic matter – astral light, aether, fire-mist, principle of life – it matters not how we may call it, this creative principle, or, as our modern philosophy terms it, law of evolution, by setting in motion the potencies latent in it, formed sun and stars, and satellites; controlled their emplacement by the immutable law of harmony, and peopled them “with every form and quality of life.”

In the ancient Eastern mythologies, the cosmogonic myth states that there was but water (the father) and the prolific slime (the mother, Ilus or Hyle), from which crept forth the mundane snake-matter. It was the god Phanes, the revealed one, the Word, or logos.

How willingly this myth was accepted, even by the Christians who compiled the New Testament, may be easily inferred from the following fact: Phanes, the revealed god, is represented in this snake-symbol as a protogonos, a being furnished with the heads of a man, a hawk or an eagle, a bull-taurus, and a lion, with wings on both sides.

The head relates to the zodiac, and typify the four seasons of the year, for the mundane serpent is the mundane year, while the ser-pent itself is the symbol of Kneph, the hidden, or unreveled deity – God the Father. Time is winged, therefore the serpent is represented with wings.

If we remember that each of the four evangelists is represented as having near him one of the described animals – grouped together in Solomon’s triangle in the pentacle of Ezekiel, and to be found in the four cherubs or sphinxes of the sacred arch – we will perhaps understand the secret meaning, as well as the reason why the early Christians adopted this symbol; and how it is that the present Roman Catholics and the Greeks of the Oriental Church still represent these animals in the pictures of their evangelists which sometimes accompany the four Gospels.

We will also understand why Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, had so insisted upon the necessity of the fourth gospel; giving as a reason that there could not be less than four of them, as there were four zones in the world, and four principle winds coming from the four cardinal points, etc.

According to one of the Egyptian myths, the phantom-form of the isle of Chemmis (Chemi, ancient Egypt), which floats on the ethereal waves of the empyrean sphere, was called into being by Horus-Apollo, the sun-god, who caused it to evolve out of the mundane egg.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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