understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As we have journeyed together today, how many of you in this room can tell Me how soon We shall meet in the Octave of Light! Can you do as well as I can? I could tell every one of you, whom I am going to meet there, and approximately the time – and I am not a prophet either; but that is the Power of Light in Its clearness, that shows the way free of human limitations.

I want you to know how great Our Love is for you, how We stand by waiting every opportunity to serve you. We cannot do more than that. We can only assure you of Our Presence, of Our Readiness to serve; and then you must make it possible.

I close by saying that in this Class, the Greatest Achievement for America thus far has been accomplished, and the Greatest Achievement for the Student Body. Not only you here, but those who are focusing their attention upon this Class and have come to know Its Magnificence.

My Dear Ones, what a pity Chicago does not realize that almost a million people’s attention is focused upon you here in this Classroom twice a day, calling for your Perfection. It is the Greatest Class that ever has been held; and how could it be otherwise with the consciousness of a million individuals and their love pouring out in one Mighty Focus upon you, to lift you and sweep out of your world every limiting thing.

That is what they are calling for – those who love you from every part of America, those Mighty Groups that are focusing upon you for your Blessing, Perfection, Freedom, Supply and your Health.

Never was such a thing known on Earth, Beloved Ones.

Not only just what is magnificently arranged for you here and the Mighty Light Rays here, but their Calls to Life for you, for your Freedom in every conceivable way, for the Expansion, Blessing, Protection and Freedom of America.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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