understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You don’t need Me to tell you that such a thing in the World never was and never will be, except for these Messengers! I want you to see that.

I wonder if the Student Body has forgotten what the Great Divine Director said to them: that these Beloved Ones would remain the Messengers of the Ascended Masters and the Power of Light. Yet so many have been disappointed because they could not receive as the Messenger does.

The unfortunate lady in Evanston who turned aside because she could not call forth Saint Germain’s Flash of the Words of Light, turned aside and has failed on the Pathway of Light. Is it not pitiful when such opportunity is before you.

Please remember, when you fail to love these Messengers and pour forth gratitude, you have failed Life, the Light that brings your Freedom.

People have said: “Well, I do not need the Messengers; I can go to my ‘Presence’. I do not need the Ascended Masters; I have my ‘Presence’.”

True, you do; but We have failed to find any human being in physical embodiment so far, who could raise themselves into Freedom without the Ascended Masters’ Assistance; and don’t forget that, Beloved Students.

The arrogance of the human who says, that they will go on independent of the Light that has lifted them, brought them to Freedom; they have made a mistake!

When people have entered this Stream of Light and turned aside from It, they have closed the door to their Light. Don’t misunderstand that; don’t forget that, Dear Students.

Your belief – whatever it may be that turned you aside – that does not alter the Truth.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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