understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When in India, the Great Master came to Me – not an Ascended Master – and told Me and set before Me that vision of My Goal, I stand in amazement – if We could be amazed in the Freedom of the Ascended Masters’ Octave, I would still be amazed – how it was followed out.

You have a magnificent faculty, your physical eye sight, which you could use with a power that is indescribable, if you knew it, if you would believe it, if you would use it.

I am amazed how the Messengers have pled and shown mankind what they could do with their physical eyesight – one of those three faculties – but they hear it and go on.

My Dear Students, if you are just going to hear a thing, then go on serenely in your old way, what good does it do!

Do not construe anything I say as anything critical; you will defeat your purpose if you do. I never criticize anything or anybody, never in the world; but I am trying to get at you in a way that will cause you to see definitely your limitless ability, Dear people.

Oh, I love America just as much as I love England, for I belong to all Nations now.

Remember, when He held that magnificent worded picture before Me, without knowing it outwardly, I accepted and set into action in My feeling world that vision; and then as I briefly follow this, you will understand how definite it was.

When He said to Me: “On a great mountain in North America you will find the man who will enable you to have the Ascension”, can you believe it, I never questioned it a second. I did not even question how I was going to get there, how I was going to have the money supplied.

Not one thought entered My mind, except I accepted it.

‘Now this is what the Power of Complete Acceptance means. The Light within Me, as I know it now, enabled me to accept the Fullness of that without question;

and you, Dear Children of the Light, could you accept the things that Saint Germain says to you without question, what a transformation would take place in the Student Body throughout America in thirty days.

But to hear a thing and go right on as you did before, is of no consequence.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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