understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students of Chicago and those who are visiting here today, in the Fullness of that which has been prepared – and I may only say this much today – one of the Greatest Achievements known in the history of the Messenger’s Ministry was accomplished yesterday. (Applause – audience rising)

I am here today to try to take you with Me, and while I talk to you, will you be seated and be just as quiet and still as you can; and please, no matter what I say, just keep your seats and Hold This which We wish to do.

Since the Dispensation has been given and so many of the Student Body of America and other lands will take advantage of it, and as the Messenger called your attention in the beginning of the service today, to begin to prepare yourselves as definitely, at least, as if you were going to journey to Europe – it is a far more important journey I assure you, especially now.

Ladies and gentlemen, since I am an Englishman, or used to be, I know considerable about our people. I know considerable of Europe, and far more in the last three years than I could have ever gained in the physical body.

Since We see cause and effect of all conditions of each Nation, then We are in a position to determine what is the thing to do. Now since this Dispensation has been given, will you understand that It is given for you.

Why do you suppose those Great Ones went to the Great Central Source of all Wisdom, Power and Knowledge to this Earth and gained a Dispensation for the people of Earth?

My Dear People, do you understand; won’t you try to charge your being with the Full Comprehension of what that means? Why am I endeavoring to carry you into a certain Consciousness, into a certain Feeling today? While My time is very short, yet I shall endeavor to do it.

When you have actually experienced something, you are in the position first hand to know the cause and the result; and since I am the one who recently had this Experience, then I am an authority to you to lift you into That, if you care to be lifted.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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