understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Try to understand, Gentlemen and friends of America, what a craving and desire within you means. There have been thousands of desires within mankind trying to find action which mankind has wrongly qualified.

Let Me say something to you which I think the Messengers have never said, every Desire in your world of action, in your feeling world, in Itself is Pure and Perfect until it finds action through your qualification, and it would remain so.

Therefore, I wish to call your attention today to that one tremendous Truth – the same as the Energy acting would produce Perfection, even though It has not power of qualification in Itself. Yet Energy in Itself is Perfect, is Pure, and so is the Desire within the desire world of individuals.

In Its origination, It is wholly Pure and Perfect, because It is Life surging forth through the individual to find expression; but in going through the individual, It find human qualification acting there and is clothed by that.

Let Me explain to you, friends of America, today, why it is. Life is Perfect, but when It flows through the human form, It is clothed by the quality within the individual, and being the governing of that, it is the first power of action that acts for the individual.

Therefore, instead of the Perfection of Life that is within that Stream of Energy, clothed by the quality of the individual, the action of the clothing is the first power that strikes. Therefore, if it be clothed by discord, it will find action in the world of the individual.

That is why mankind today must understand and change all activities by their requalification to allow the Perfection of life to flow forth without any qualification of any kind. Then they will find the Full Perfection of Life finding Its Full Expression in their world.

It is a magnificent Thing; and since mankind has believed everything else but the Perfection of Life, I say to you, Friends of America and Gentlemen, why not now turn and let Life have Its Full Perfect Action through you and your world, and see how soon mankind will lose the desire to limit their fellowman or to dominate them, or to feel irritable and uncertain.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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