understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, Friends of America, how you will one day rejoice when you come to this fuller Understanding and are able to render the service to your fellowman and to yourself. For after all, when we wish all the good we desire for ourselves for everyone else, then we will have complied with Life, and will find our own success and our own requirements being fulfilled with tremendously greater power and supply.

Therefore, you cannot afford, Gentlemen and friends of America, to desire anything for yourselves that you do not desire for all mankind.

Since the action of Life is always at hand, always ready, then you will feel that at your hand is the correcting of conditions – a Power of Action and the Intelligence that supplies the Wisdom on the moment, for anything that you require for the correcting and perfecting of the conditions that act within your world.

Therefore, today let us feel the Fullness of that Privilege which is yours; and if you do not mind, allow Us to be your Great Friends to give you of Our Experience which is Life, to give you of our Wisdom which We have gained in the Freedom of Life, that the outer world cannot get from any place else.

That is the Truth of Life.

We, who are Free from limitations are the only Ones that can give you the Assistance required today to set yourselves Free. For I say it with authority, there is not one human being in physical embodiment today that has the strength and power to raise himself out of the limitations, except by Our Assistance.

That is the reason why Saint Germain has brought your attention to the Ascended Masters, the Legions of Light and the Cosmic Beings, who are Beings wholly Perfect, as tangible as you are – just advanced Powers of Life, reaching back Their Glorious Hands to you to direct, to raise you into that Power and Perfection which you should have and which every Heart craves.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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