understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“No matter how great has been the magnificent action of all phases of Life, for instance, you take your industrial world, you take your medical world, your doctors, lawyers, judges and all the activities of Life, they are acting largely upon human opinions or conditions established through human opinions.

Now this was not so in the early establishing of your American government. That was powerful, and I was about to say inspiring, but Friends of America, it was more than inspired; because Benjamin Franklin, Washington and LaFayette and others knew Saint Germain in person.

Therefore, instead of the Perfection that had been established, or was then to bring your government to its present state, that was more than inspiration, it was direct Knowledge from Saint Germain in His Great Wisdom that enabled those of that time to establish that which has brought the Perfection today.

Remember, if there had not been intrusion in this Perfection that was established at that time, mankind would find themselves in a world of great Perfection today, but constantly does human opinion and desire try to intrude and override the Wisdom upon which the foundation of things is laid.

Then as long as that condition exists, there will be continuously imposed upon that which was established for Perfection, human opinions which change and bring the wrong conditions, which some day must be corrected.

Today, we are in that process of the most gigantic correction that has ever been on the face of this Earth; and I encourage you Beloved Minute Men and Friends of America, to be assured in spite of the appearances in the outer world in the conditions that exist, your Call to Life will cause Life to become the Almighty Dominion in action to correct these conditions and make them permanent.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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