isis unveiled: chapter v (one common origin)

“The thaumaturgists of all periods, schools, and countries, produced their wonders, because they were perfectly familiar with the imponderable – in their effects – but otherwise perfectly tangible waves of the astral light. They controlled the currents by guiding them with their will-power.

The wonders were both of physical and psychological character; the former embracing effects produced upon material objects, the latter the mental phenomena of Mesmer and his successors. This class has been represented in our time by two illustrious men, Du Potet and Regazzoni, whose wonderful powers were well attested in France and other countries.

Mesmerism is the most important branch of magic; and its phenomena are the effects of the universal agent which underlies all magic and has produced at all ages the so-called miracles.

The ancients called it Chaos; Plato and the Pythagoreans named it the Soul of the World. According to the Hindus, the Deity in the shape of Aether pervades all things. It is the invisible, but, as we have said before, too tangible Fluid.

Among other names this universal Proteus – or “the nebulous Almighty”, as de Mirville calls it in derision – was termed by the theurgists “the living fire”, the “Spirit of Light”, and Magnes.

This last appellation indicates its magnetic properties and shows its magical nature. For, as truly expressed by one of its enemies μαγος and μαγνες are two branches growing from the same trunk, and shooting forth the same resultants.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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