understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Since you have not given attention to the “Presence of Life”, once you begin, you will have all the evidence you require of this great Truth within your own world of action; but if you will not make the effort, if you will not make the Call, you will never know. You will have the same action going on, you have had through the centuries you have lived.

Therefore, it is for mankind to choose.

We can put before you the Truth of Life, but if you will not accept It, if you will not apply It, you won’t have It. Therefore, it is up to mankind today. They have made all these mistakes and created and brought about them these limitations.

If you have drawn yourself into a condition by your own free will, then you must rise out of that by your on effort. There is not anything going to raise you out, Friends of America and Minute Men, except your Call to Life, your acceptance and the ceasing of expecting release and relief from the human world of action.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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